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ny times reports the fbi hatches its own terrorists

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. his life is now ruined.

By Frank Weltner,


The New York Times reported on April 29, 2012 that the FBI had hatched the plots that it claimed to have solved. The agency seems to have done this in an effort to convince the American people that terrorism is a danger to the nation's security when, in fact, most of the terror has been coming from the agency as well as from White House lips.

American USSR has reported on this same information for more than two years, in fact, American USSR reported this information from its first month on the Internet. So, it comes as no shock to the reporters and staff here that the FBI is a part of a plot to misinform Americans about dangers which the FBI itself has invented and promulgated in the press in an effort to make people falsely think that America is under attack by Muslims when, in fact, this seems to be untrue.

The very idea of a nation state folding up and burning its Constitution in order to aggrandize its criminal leadership's false contentions is a part and parcel of the FBI false operations in this regard of finding fault with persons who were minding their own business until the FBI inserted its derriere into their faces and began its false manipulations all the way to the jail cell for those whom it surrounded and faked within its seditious web of falsehoods.

Thus, many persons in this nation have been abused. Not all of them have to do with the fake war on terror which the past two Presidents have waged, mostly in order to strike faked fear into the hearts of Americans in order persuade their simple minds swallow the terrorism nonsense and then to bow down like slaves before this nation's grossly murderous Imperial War Machine in Washington DC. A lot of this is sheer fakery, planned in a number of the government's offices. One such plan devised by top American generals, named Operations Northwoods, even proposed dropping nuclear weapons on American cities and blaming Castro to gain public support for a nuclear war.

The underwear bomb, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who was arrested on a Christmas Eve was a typical victim of federal stalking in this regard. This poor dolt is evidently mentally unable to function well in society. He must have been an easy touch for the criminals in the FBI who hatched the plot to entice him into ruining his life for the agency's personal aggrandizement. It needed this poor victim in order to make it appear that (1) terrorism was an ever-present danger to Americans and (2) the FBI was on the job.

The FBI was on the job all right. In fact, it was reported again and again in major news media how federal agents insisted that the airline place this man on their passenger jet despite the fact that the authorities at the airport had refused to allow him to fly based on their suspicions about him. Had the man been left at the airport, of course, he could not be arrested, and there would be no way for the FBI to fool millions of news audiences as to their expertise in tracking down terrorists. The FBI tracked him down all right. In fact they provided him with terrorist propaganda, fake bombing materials, and fuses that wouldn't work just to make themselves look good while they made his life into a Greek Tragedy just to make themselves look good.

This agency needs to be deep-sixed and shut down for good. For years, the agency's fakery has been well-noted including false laboratory findings leading to the wrongful execution of criminals based on their faulty and illegal findings. No nation worthy of respect employs criminals with such disregard for human rights and lives.

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