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By Frank Weltner,

How Much Despotism Will the People Take Before they Rebel?

All Empires tend toward subservient behavior toward government on the part of their citizens. Whether that Empire be Egyptian, Babylonia, Macedonia, Greek, Russian, German, English, or American, the end result of Empire regimen is always tyranny of the leaders over their people much of which is committed for the purpose of making citizens afraid for their lives at the hands of government.

Tyranny is easilyrecognized in the executive orders of a President, Prime Minister, King, or Fuhrer. Their newly crafted and illegal orders can require ending the usual rights of citizens due to national emergencies which are caused by the combined actions of leaders, legislators, and oligarchs who join together in a "fist at the top" fascism = fist) as they mutually agree to declare themselves masters of all persons in the realm in order to crush the citizens and keep them down.

The very idea of a nation state folding it constitution or drafting a once free people into an army, navy, air force, or domestic service of any type is a damnation of civil rights by the centralized forces of its Empire. Such a vile regime always comes to holding power by crushing the people into a mass of shaking and fearful sludge.

America did this to the Tories during the Civil War. Thousands of Tories were killed in their homes along with their women and children, and after the Revolution, part of the treaty included the right of the British to march the Tories north to Canada where the Revolutionaries would not kill them to steal everything they owned. This was in many ways a reaction to the tyranny of England over the Colonies. Such responses are common during and after egotistical wars between parties.

Americans were drafted into service (conscription) in the Civil War and all through the 20th Century in violation of citizen rights. These draftees were trained to kill and accompany their very lightly armed battalions to Europe (twice), Africa, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. The leaders of America never sent their own children to die and be maimed for life. Instead they sent the useless idiot children of others who got no respect from others for their skills. Thus, their losses meant nothing, and, as Kissinger said, "Soldiers are just 'cannon fodder' to be wasted for the state." Nothing could be more true.

The American Oligarchy continues to destroy the freedoms of citizens with The Patriot Act, NDAA, Sofa, and other anti-freedom laws. The American government has hereby proven and it hates its citizens, and that this is why it acts in this manner. It also hates the citizens of other nations whom it invades, bombs, and murders, wasting thousands of people in violation of their own national sovereignty.

In the opinion of many in America and other nations, the United States needs to disarm its armed forces to the point where its Presidents can never again enter into fraudulent and unnecessary wars based on its constant lies about so-called enemies who usually don't even exist but are only branded as enemies in order to dehumanize them prior to attacking and murdering them.

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