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Alleged Felons at Barclays Bank Still Free



By Frank Weltner,

How much evil can Americans endure
before they hang the bastards behind the Washington DC Hegemony?

The American USSR's courts say that banks and corporations are individuals, but Barclays Bank has been caught defrauding all of the other banks and is still walking about as a free man. We all know that won't happen. Don't we? Barclays was not hauled before the court and sentenced to jail the way it happens to other individuals, so obviously, the bank is not treated like a person the way you or I would be. So why does the Supreme Court call Barclays a "person"?

According to a Reuters report on July 6, 2012, Bob Diamond "resigned last week amid public anger after Barclays agreed to pay nearly 450 million pounds ($697.8 million) in fines for manipulating a key interest rate. Newspapers have reported that Diamond could be in line for exit payments of as much as 17 million pounds." Of course, bankers are different from the rest of us. We are just their slaves. They are just our masters. Who am I, a mere non-Jewish slave to ever question my far better Hebrew masters? I am a mere speck in a universe where they own it all, and I own next to nothing.



Barclays Bank evidently artificially raised the interest rates charged between banks themselves for interbank loans and generated fat profits by doing so. The rates raised are called LIBOR. What Barclays did by manipulating LIBOR and profiting by it to the expense of its banking friends, might be a lot like one Mafia gang holding up another Mafia gang and stealing its money bag which is filled with dollars and diamonds it stole in that day's bank heist.

Speaking of diamonds, a perfectly named alleged conspirator who was a past CEO of Barclays, going by the name of Bob Diamond, is a perfect irony in terminology. According to reports, Bob resigned in "shame" according to their many stories. Yet I have this nagging question to ask in my absolute impertinence to "authority." The Question: Did Bob Diamond go to jail for this fraud? Not yet. Evidently, he operates under a different national set of laws than we do. In addition, another leading executive of Barclays, Marcus Angius, resigned in shame, and, again, there's no talk of when or if he goes either to court or jail. Evidently, these criminals get to pay a fine instead of spending 20 years to a lifetime for their crimes as happened to Bernie Madoff who might have gotten off easily by comparison to Chancellor Hitler who ended up paying for it with a bullet in his brain right through his mouth. Ironically, Hitler was known as a great speaker so using his mouth to administer death is of a particular irony.

I suppose that Bob Diamond and Marcus Angius suffered far worse than Madoff and Hitler because what they most prized was taken from them in the end when all of those $697 million dollars were ripped from underneath their rabbinical bankers' skull caps. Pardon the reference, but it only seemed fair as most of those involved in these big banking deals belong to that particular little group of thugs which includes Rothschild, Warburg, Rockefeller, Greenspan, and the rest of the banking and investment cabal, so it only seems fair to be able to mention it in dealing with their crimes against society. After all, we are all suffering losses as a result of the gambles of these losers vis a vis our present Worldwide Depression not to mention all of the recent NATO colonial wars they forced to write war loans at great profit and to steal more banking oil, protect opium poppy fields for their mafia friends, and grab other income sources from peasants worldwide whom these folks seem to think just don't matter among royalty like themselves.

So, now you know. I've set the record before you. Now, what will you do about it? Nothing. Why? Because the Bob Diamonds of this world have all the power, and they see to it that you have no voice, because your voice interferes with theirs. And it would be rude to us to do that. Wouldn't it?

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