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By Frank Weltner,

Why is America headed toward a train crash in finance, military incursions, nuclear threats, and corruption of its leaders by the filthy rich one-percenters?

If the truth were known, America really has no liberal political parties left. Both the Republican and Democratic Parties have fallen to and are fully controlled by the rich and powerful. Both parties pretend to represent the majority of the American people, but these are only talking points to deflect our gaze from the stark realities of the political coup that has destroyed what few freedoms our nation once pretended that it stood for, much of which was mostly balderdash spread like manure through the controlled media which the rich have always owned lock, stock, and barrel from the millionaire Benjamin Franklin to the present day.

Here is a documentary portraying the conspiracies that have worked behind the scene to control drugs, wars, corporate favors, and all of the other corruptions that have beset the ugly prostitution of America's body politic. Here, we see many of the classified events, documents and stories that the rich news media have hidden from us.


A few treasures of journalism appear now and then on places like YouTube, and, before they are pulled with the statement, "this account has been terminated," as happened to mine a few years ago. In the brief flicker of their moment in the sunlight, some people actually view them. However, the rich soon assemble their shills to write to YouTube to ask them over and over to pull these works of journalistic honesty which happens all too frequently, because the rest of us are not organized enough to stop it.

American USSR reporters take no position on the Republican and Democratic Parties except to point out just how evil they are. They mostly seem in our opinion to act as devils joined at the head. The reason they are almost always so evil is that they do not represent the 99% of Americans who are the vast majority. They merely lie and claim that they do that.

You have to ask yourself how the Supreme Court came to have 6 Catholics and 3 Jews and no Protestants who are 50% of the public. Does that seem democratic? Does that sound like something that an honest republic would pull off? I submit that it doesn't. It is the stinking corpse that betrays just how dead America has become to the people themselves. Instead of representing the people, it represents the conservative greed that rules everything this nation sees--government, military, corporations, banks, CIA, FBI, and every other fascist entity that makes America a worldwide horror story. This is why American is generally feared and hated by almost everyone who lives offshore.

The pro-1% coup has already taken place years ago to dash our hopes and dreams. It has stolen everything from the people so that it can continue to enslave, deceive, and impoverish the nation's working and non-working subjects. Until America experiences a revolution that will remove their fists from our TV sets, the American government will continue to act like the Grade B movie that it has become.

We shall have no representation as long as our politicians are bought and paid for by the rich.

Instead we will continue to watch them shoveling money into the hands of corrupt banks, financiers, and our many other greedy tormentors. This status quo against the 99% who have found their power totally emasculated continues to be maintained through black flag ops against the people as well as the resulting wars in faraway places that have been based solely on lies and deceptions filtered into the press at White House Press Sessions under the standard Hitlerian and Stalinist false appeals to national security, world policing, and filthy robed terrorists who are in reality mostly paid CIA shills who are created, paid, cajoled, branded, and finally killed by government operatives who want them permanently silenced before they tell all.

America's gaggle of government shills has rendered most of us penniless and afraid. The government has wasted our people, filled their streets and villages with unwanted foreigners in order to continue the government's exploitation of our natural feeling of hospitality, sense of fairness, and our desire to share what little we have left of our dignity.

They use our basic goodness to destroy us, so that our very goodness becomes our poison, and it is all planned to act against us just this way. Today, there is very little reason to vote for anyone, because there is only one big fascist war party sitting on both fraudulent sides of the House and Senate who prepare false political campaigns for re-election based on ridiculous lies solely to deceive us so we will vote for them term after term after term.

It is a corruption that goes on forever and has no foreseeable end in sight.

This is just how the rich have planned it and carried it out.

We shall always be losers in their games of power.

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