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The staff of American USSR has obtained a Russia Times newscast which compares the war in Afghanistan before and after the President's unsubstantiated claim that bin Laden was killed by Navy Seals when other stories showed him as already dead ten years ago, and his instant burial at sea offered zero proof possible that the government was doing anything but spinning a propaganda lie to achieve public applause over nothing.

The result of America's actions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, and Syria have been abysmal. The fact is that most governments are unstable, their people more insecure in their homes and persons, and that their leaders are even more impossibly possessed by their swarms of enemies into making decisions non-beneficial to their nations.

The State Department of the United States is scrambling to lessen the negative impact of their failings in these areas where trillions of dollars and thousands of military lives have been wasted to produce nothing but local and international tragedies among the people of these various nations. Even the death of Gaddafi was a monumental embarrassment when the forces loyal to NATO objectives capture Libya's Elected President and tortured him to death with a sword rammed into his rectum again and again until he expired.

Soon, the question became whom the real terrorist nation was, the United States and its NATO, UN, and other partners or President Gaddafi himself who had giving his people free homes, gasoline, free medical care, free university degrees, and a stable environment in which to raise their families for years. In addition, Gaddafi was arranging for a pan-African conference to keep the dogs of Europe who surrounded them in packs and wished merely to exploit and bite their nations to death by nipping at their heels and stealing their wealth of natural resources from them.

In his report entitled, "Truth, Lies, and Afghanistan: How Military Leaders Have Let Us Down," Lieutenant Colonel Daniel L. Davis says that his findings over several years of observations in Afghanistan consistently "bore no resemblance to rosy official statements by U.S. military leaders about conditions on the ground." His report was published in the prestigious Armed Forces Journal, and a dialog on the subject is held on Twitter at for those wishing to subscribe free at @afjournal.

The report by a military expert with years of experience in the Afghanistan military chaos has detailed how the effort has been an embarrassment to the United States, England, NATO, and the government of Afghanistan itself which now refuses to attack the Taliban for fear of deadly reprisals, but seems to be waiting for the U.S. to withdraw so that the Taliban and the Central Government in Cabal can work out an arrangement without further war crimes from the Americans.

The staff of American USSR cannot begin to recount the trillions of dollars and thousands of wasted American lives lost for the sole benefit of the banking and military production magnets in the American terror state who benefit in high earnings from these foreign policy initiatives which have traditionally ended only in failures that make America seem downright laughable to the rest of the world which is left scratching its head in amazement.

If you wish, you may contact your government and ask your Congressmen, Senators, and the President to end all wars in the Middle East in the immediate future as our military losers have proven the USA is not capable of winning even one of them.

Truth, Lies, and Afghanistan

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