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The Liquidation of Shaun Walker
Selective Prosecution by the Anti-European Goon Squads of the United States
Given Seven Years for Two Fist Fights Outside a Saloon During a New Years Eve Party

Released Early on November 27, 2009 with an Evidently Long Probation Period of Silencing
Since Then No One Has Heard from Him.  Which Is Precisely What They Wanted. 
It is Like Red China Came to Terrorize Dissidents Here in Americ
a To Shut Them Up
Unsubstantiated Reports Now Say Two Witnesses May Have Have Been Bribed by Agents to Lie to Save Themselves. See Below.

Walker was not afraid to lead. His prosecution was another severe embarrassment to the government, an anti-freedom canard that demonstrates domestic and globalist treacheries by prejudiced agencies of the United States who do not respect the rights of European Civil Rights Leaders to remain free men. Agents of this Imperial War Nation, always eager to shut down and persecute dissidents who had the bravery to speak out for justice for their people, Shaun Walker was a perfect target among many. As with most victims of federal treachery, Shaun Walker had done nothing wrong other than have two bar fights with non-Europeans.

Walker's major mistake in life was being born in a nation that has done its best to destroy its majority European population who are descended from its founding fathers, by an out of control federal government that is replacing these Europeans with immigrants who are unlike them, and giving their majority nation away to those who are non-European, a policy which, under international law, is illegal because it is genocidal against its largest population group, reducing them by 2035 to a more manageable minority group and will eventually reduce them to only a few percent of the nation where in 1965, they were 80% of the population. In many ways, there is no greater evil than a nation like America blatantly destroying a large population for the benefit of those who evidently dislike them enough to design a racist federal program designed for a tiny, wealthy, banking minority that evidently hates them that much.

Shaun Walker spent several years in a federal gulag, a fate of many dissidents in America who suffer as much if not more that similar victims did inside the USSR and the Peoples Republic of China, proving that America, a nation of constant war mongering and persecution of government critics like Mr. Walker, a nation which is also a known torturer, bomber, war monger, and persecutor of pro-European civil rights leaders, is no better than these other European, Chinese, and other Soviet Unions around the world.

Based on the suffering of people like Shaun Walker and hundreds of other Americans abused by this corrupt and awful government, it should be a mind crime for any American child to be misinformed in educational propaganda mills which they are forced by law to attend and where they are abused with the lie that America is a free nation dedicated to human rights, which, as you can see here, it is not.

Fortunately, Mr. Walker was let out early. However, under the terms of that release his political emasculation and his silence is mandated by unjust federal edict.

Obviously, Americans lie when they say that freedom of speech is a right in this nation. It is totally otherwise for people like Shaun Walker.





Was Former National Alliance Chairman Shaun Walker Deliberately Set Up By The Feds?

Special Update: Post updated on September 22nd, 2007 to reflect changes in the locations where the Shaun Walker Trio are being incarcerated. The most current information will be separately posted on the sidebar of this blog. Updates posted in green.

First, here is a YouTube video of KSL Channel 5's report on the sentencing of Shaun Walker and Eric Egbert (hat tip to the Resistance Discussion Forum for leading me to this tidbit):

New information has emerged which implies there might be much more to the Shaun Walker case than even many of us familiar with the Cause may have dreamed possible. Many of us merely thought that Shaun Walker and his cohorts may have been merely overcharged in order to send a political message to the white nationalist movement using the justice system. Very few of us entertained the possibility of a COMPLETE SETUP.

However, the wife of Shaun Walker has now spoken out, and she hints of the possibility that it might have been a complete setup, In this post on the Stormfront White Nationalist Discussion Forum, located in a dedicated thread, Mrs. Walker, under the nickname "Thora Design", provides us with her insight:
I'm saddened to have to set the record straight ... our OWN people don't even have the facts straight..

Let me say unequivocally -- Shaun Walker WAS NOT in a bar fight. Keith Cotter and Brad Callahan LIED on the stand to save their skin. There WAS NO conspiracy. If you are truly interested in the case, don't read newspaper accounts -- read court transcripts. You will see how unbelievable this case is. ZOG wanted them to plea bargain and show remorse for crimes they didn't commit -- they all 3 kept their honor and integrity -- they did not BOW DOWN, roll on each other or confess to crimes they didn't commit.

Shaun, Travis and Eric had been handed down gag orders and are now in the appeal process. They are unable to set the records straight.

Eric and Travis are still in the Salt Lake City County jail. I'm sure they would appreciate funds in their commissary and/or letters of encouragment.

No good can be had for being judgmental and/or perpetuating bad information for our "OWN".

Mrs. Walker


If what Mrs. Walker asserts is true, then that might immediately explain why the victims never pressed state charges and why the State of Utah never filed charges. You can't file charges unless there is a crime.

The implications of this are positively chilling. This means Keith Cotter made up a complete cock-and-bull story to save his own ass. This means Brad Callahan needlessly corroborated Cotter's story (and why would Callahan do this - he wasn't being charged with anything - he had to legal incentive to roll over on the Shaun Walker Trio). And this means the Federal prosecutors were either incredibly negligent in failing to check up on Cotter's story, or they deliberately chose not to cross-check Cotter's story and prosecuted anyway. If the latter is the case, then the Feds conspired with a snitch to put an innocent man away.

I can understand why, in her present distraught state of mind, Mrs. Walker would mildly take the pro-white movement to task for "not having our facts straight". But the information the media provided was all we had. The gag order imposed on the defendants, while originally intended to reduce the possibility of jury subornation, also denied the defendants the opportunity to make their case to the public. It would have been helpful had Mrs. Walker posted her information much earlier, then the rest of us could have spread her input far and wide as well. There's no way any pro-white blogger could have proclaimed Shaun Walker's complete innocence, based upon the information publicly available, without anything tangible to back it up.

Despite the possibility of having many alleged contributors who are descendants of Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky, New York's Top Banksters, Wall Street swindlers, The Jewish Mafia, and the Jewish Bolsheviks who founded the USSR and presided over the murder of its 65 million criminally executed Christians, the SPLC pretended enough cleanliness on April 20, 2007 to take a swipe at a man who by law could not defend himself.

Shaun Walker
Many might say this is a skewed view of a Majority Civil Rights Activist. Incidentally, the Southern Poverty Law Center like its leftist comrade organization, the ADL, seems to be run mostly by persons who are members of one of America's smallest and most powerful minorities. Like the Soviet Union which developed tons of files on people, this file on Walker seems to be a detailed file on a non-minority "person of interest," a rather over-used phrase that may have originated from the USSR's top brass. Is it true that, as some people say, many relatives of this small group started and ran the USSR as a fascist left-wing killing field for Europeans, the very people Mr. Walker represented? Shall we note that they dare to use the phrase "Neo-Nazi"? Could not this file be said to be in many ways quite similar in its propaganda intent to those millions of reports on individuals which were written and filed by Henchmen of Hitler and Trotsky. It is really true that these people in this tiny minority are directly related by blood-line to Trotsky (alias David Bronstein of New York City) who founded and ran the Red Army that murdered all 65 million USSR Christians and kept files on them?

How many people did Shaun Walker murder?

Answer: None.

Date of Birth: 

Shaun Walker was the chairman and CEO of the National Alliance, a major neo-Nazi organization, from April 2005 to July 2006. Walker was appointed to head the group after then-leader Erich Gliebe   who was himself appointed to head the organization immediately after the 2002 death of founder William Pierce resigned in the midst of continuing infighting and internal scandals. Walker's stint as the group's leader was cut short when he was convicted of orchestrating and participating in a series of brutal attacks on non-whites in bars in Salt Lake City in 2000.

Criminal History
In 2006, Walker was indicted on federal civil rights charges for orchestrating attacks on non-whites in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 2002 and 2003. Walker was convicted in 2007 and sentenced to 87 months in prison. He served time in Sandstone Federal Correctional Facility in Sandstone, Minn., until his release on November 27, 2009.

In His Own Words
"Adolf Hitler is without doubt the greatest leader and philosopher of the 1900s."
2005 speech

"I guarantee you there are more brilliant, intelligent white people on earth, with higher IQs, than all the Jews put together."
"American Dissident Voices" radio broadcast, 2006

"The Jews have invested a great deal into the Holocaust story and it is now a powerful political tool that they often wield. ... [A]ll over the world, there is a historical mythos called the Jewish Holocaust of World War II."
"American Dissident Voices," 2006

Shaun Walker grew up in Hayward, Calif., where he became a neo-Nazi during his high school years, penning essays on genetics and racist skinhead culture for WAR magazine, which was published by White Aryan Resistance (WAR), a youth-focused white supremacist organization led by Tom Metzger

Walker served in the Marine Corps from 1986 to 1990, training as a sniper. He later studied molecular biology at John Muir College at the University of California, San Diego, receiving a B.S. in molecular biology with a minor in history in 1997. 

The following year, Walker joined the National Alliance Internet Response Unit, an online propaganda division that was overseen by Billy Roper. The Alliance was then at the height of its power, in terms of membership, revenues and influence. In 2000, Walker was appointed unit coordinator, or leader, of the Salt Lake City unit of the National Alliance by its founder and chairman, William Pierce. Two years later, not long before his death, Pierce hired Walker to a full-time salaried position as the National Alliance's chief of staff and membership coordinator.

Shortly after Pierce's death in July 2002, Pierce's handpicked successor, Erich Gliebe, appointed Walker as the Alliance's western states regional coordinator. Less than a year later, in July 2003, Gliebe promoted Walker to the position of chief operating officer, at which time Walker relocated from Salt Lake City to the National Alliance headquarters outside Hillsboro, W. Va., where he lived and worked for the next three years.

Together with Gliebe, Walker presided over the virtual disintegration of the Alliance, as the leaders of the largest and richest neo-Nazi organization in the country were increasingly beset by allegations of financial improprieties, moral lassitude and general incompetence. In August 2004, David Pringle, a former high-ranking Alliance official, wrote and distributed a protest essay titled "Demand an Audit." It detailed the wasteful spending and failed business ventures of Gliebe and Walker, by then derisively known in many neo-Nazi circles as "the Dues Brothers." "In the last year, 'our enemies' have not made disastrous decisions that have cost us most of our cash savings," Pringle wrote. "Our leaders have. Our enemies have not caused us to lose more than half of our rank-and-file membership and almost two thirds of our organizational revenue in the last year. Our leaders have."

The internal pressure on Gliebe and his leadership team only grew after that. Finally, on April 25, 2005, Walker abruptly announced that Gliebe had stepped down and that Walker was replacing him as CEO of the Alliance. Gliebe would stay on, but only as the head of Resistance Records, the group's hate rock music company.

The National Alliance limped on, but its ranks were rapidly dwindling from a high of about 1,400. Nevertheless, Walker managed to keep the Alliance in the mainstream media via interviews with major newspapers and cable news networks, and to continue to espouse the group's agenda via the Internet and its "American Dissident Voices" radio broadcasts. Regardless, by 2006 the group had no more than a few hundred members.

In June of 2006, however, Walker's past caught up with him. He was arrested on federal civil rights charges for allegedly leading a series of organized attacks on Mexicans and Native Americans in Salt Lake City bars in 2000. The conditions of his pre-trial release prohibited Walker from having any contact with past or present members of the National Alliance, forcing him to resign as chairman and hand the reins back to Gliebe. Walker and two co-defendants, Travis Massey, the former Utah spokesman for the Alliance, and Eric Egbert, were convicted in April 2007 of conspiracy to interfere with the civil rights of individuals based on their race. On Aug. 13, 2007, Walker was sentenced to 87 months in federal prison.  He later won a sentence reduction and was released on Nov. 27, 2009.

Shaun Walker was the Chairman/CEO of the National Alliance, a White Nationalist organization from April 2005 to July 2006.




Walker grew up in California. He served in the military [1] and was honorably discharged[2] at the rank of Corporal.[citation needed]

White Nationalism

He was appointed Unit Coordinator (UC) for the Salt Lake City Unit in April 2000 by Pierce. In September 2002 he was appointed as the Western States Regional Coordinator by Erich Gliebe, new chairman of the National Alliance. In June 2003, he moved to West Virginia and was appointed Chief Operating Officer and in April 2005, Chief Executive Officer of National Vanguard Books and Chairman of the Board for the National Alliance at the "National Office" near Hillsboro, West Virginia.

Media and Communications

Walker appeared in a documentary film about "White Power Music" produced by Scottish TV, which aired in America on the Discovery Times channel in 2005, the documentary film Protocols of Zion produced by Blowback Productions as well as the John Walsh show in 2003.[citation needed] He has been interviewed on many radio programs as well as appearing on several TV interviews, almost always to discuss the topic of race in America. He last appeared on TV during an April, 2006 CNN interview.[citation needed] He has been interviewed by approximately 300 newspapers during the 3-years he was the official spokesman for the National Alliance.

He has been a guest speaker for the National Democratic Party of Germany in 2003 and 2006, and Nordisk Freiheit in Sweden in 2006.[citation needed] Walker attended the Red, White and Blue festival in England hosted by the British National Party in 2003.[3] He also traveled to Russia and Greece in 2004 where he spoke to neo-fascist political group Golden Dawn.

He has written articles for Tom Metzger's WAR newspaper, Instauration,[4] the Bay Aryan,[5] Liberty Bell, National Vanguard magazine, Resistance magazine and Free Speech newspaper.

Arrest and Conviction

In 2007, Walker along with two other men were found guilty by a federal court on charges of conspiracy to interfere with civil rights in the beating of a Mexican-American man in 2002 and an American Indian man in 2003 outside Salt Lake City.[6] Walker was initially sentenced to 87 months in prison, a U.S District Judge shortened the sentence to 37 months.[7]


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White Power Leader Resigns from Pos

June 30, 2006 12:39 PM

Shaun Walker, once the Chairman of the country's largest and most active white supremacist group, has resigned from his post, according to his attorney Robin Ljungberg.

Despite the website of the National Alliance still naming him chairman, Ljungberg told ABC News Walker stepped down from his leadership post during his most recent court appearance this past week.  Walker has been indicted by a federal grand jury, along with two other members of the group, for violating the rights of two minority men in Utah. 

Magistrate David Nuffer of Salt Lake City agreed to release the former head of the white supremacist group pending his trial on hate-crime charges if certain conditions are met.  Those include Walker finding living arrangements in Utah and surrendering his passport.

Walker is set to remain in Salt Lake County jail at least until July 5, which is the date set by Nuffer to hear if the conditions have been met. 

If convicted at his trial scheduled for Aug. 21, Walker could face a maximum of 20 years in prison and a $20,000 fine.

Despite the possibility of having alleged members who are descendants of Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky, New York's Top Banksters, Wall Street swindlers, The Jewish Mafia, and the Jewish Bolsheviks who founded the USSR and presided over the murder of its 65 million criminally executed Christians at mostly Jewish hands, the ADL pretended enough cleanliness on April 20, 2007 to take a swipe at a man who by law could not defend himself.

On April 20, 2007, Shaun Walker, former chairman of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, Travis Massey, former leader of the group's Utah chapter, along with a third man, Eric Egbert, were convicted of assaulting a Mexican-American man in 2002, and of conspiracy to interfere with the civil rights of individuals.  In addition, the three men were found guilty of "violating the victims' federally protected right to enjoy a place of public accommodation free from violence based on their race," according to a Department of Justice press release. The charges against the men stemmed from racially motivated beatings at two different bars in Salt Lake City in 2002 and 2003.  The prosecutors argued that the beatings were part of a plan to intimidate non-whites in Salt Lake City.

As chairman of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, until his arrest in June 2006, Walker advocated an ideology that demonized Jews and other minorities and called for a whites-only homeland.  This ideology emanated from the now-deceased William Pierce, who founded the Alliance in 1974.  Pierce was the author of The Turner Diaries, a novel whose vision of a violent white revolution in this country inspired Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, as well as others, to commit murders, robberies and other crimes.

Pierce liked to pretend that his group attracted a "better class" of white supremacist, but the crude racist attacks committed by Walker and his cohorts stripped away the intellectual veneer the National Alliance liked to project and revealed the racist violence and demagoguery that was at the core of the group.  Pierce thought that his followers would be the vanguard of a "white revolution," but they proved to be nothing more than hateful thugs and bullies.

In decline since Pierce's death in 2002, the National Alliance underwent a split in the ranks in 2005 after Walker and Erich Gliebe, the current chairman of the group, expelled a number of key players from the organization. The expelled members went on to form the National Vanguard, which was dissolved in March 2007 and replaced by a new incarnation of the group--European Americans United.




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