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Strom was and is an intellectual with great verbal and analytical powers to investigate embarrassing domestic and globalist treacheries by the United States. Agents of this Imperial War Nation, always eager to shut down and persecute dissidents, Kevin Strom was a perfect target among many. As with most victims of federal treachery, Kevin Strom had done nothing wrong. His major mistake in life was marrying an alleged stalker who was soon stalking Strom's career and doing her best to destroy his entire life. The FBI's Joint Terrorist Task Force, which seems always interested in persecuting pro-European citizens, was delighted.

After having been falsely convicted of crimes he never committed using the testimony of a single witness later proven to be a stalker and perjurer, he spent years in a federal gulag in isolation, a fate of many dissidents in America who suffer as much if not more that similar victims did inside the USSR and the Peoples Republic of China, proving that America, a nation of constant war mongering and persecution of government critics like Mr. Strom, a nation which is also a known torturer, bomber, war monger, and persecutor of pro-European civil rights leaders, is no better than these other European, Chinese, and other Soviet Unions around the world.

Based on the suffering of people like Kevin Alfred Strom and hundreds of other Americans abused by this corrupt and awful government, it should be a mind crime for any American child to be misinformed in educational propaganda mills which they are forced by law to attend and where they are abused with the lie that America is a free nation dedicated to human rights, which, as you can see here, it is not.


Kevin Alfred Strom’s Address to the Court

Kevin Alfred Strom today

Kevin Alfred Strom is absolutely innocent of any crime against children or anyone else. He has paid a heavy price for his advocacy of self-determination for his people.

by Kevin Alfred Strom

given at Federal District Court, Charlottesville, Virginia on April 21, 2008; with annotations

MY NAME is Kevin Alfred Strom. I have been in solitary confinement for sixteen months. Circumstances and strategic considerations have kept me silent until now. But I have sworn to tell the whole truth, so I ask the court to grant me now perhaps one minute for every month I have been imprisoned.

All along I’ve told the truth to everyone — investigators, family members, this court, my closest friends — about this case, even when that truth was embarrassing to me or easily misconstrued to be used against me.

Let me tell you a little about my background. For some 20 years, I worked as a broadcast engineer. For three years, until I moved to Virginia in 2001, I was the local chapter leader of the Family Support Network, a parenting group. I’m a writer, a publisher, an editor, a broadcaster — and an activist for social change who’s taken on some powerful interest groups, armed only with a microphone and a pen. But more than anything else, I’m a father.

The greatest title of honor I’ve ever been given is “Daddy.”

My Children

My son Oliver[1] is fifteen, an honor student just embarking on his high school years and all the changes that implies.

My daughter Vita is eleven, also an honor student and getting set to graduate to middle school.

My younger son Alfred is thirteen and severely autistic. He has made some progress at a special school for autistic children, but in many ways he lives in his own inner world. Victims of autism have trouble relating to people, but often get very attached to one person in their lives. In Alfred’s case, that person is me.

[1] (All minors named here have been given alternate names to protect their identities.)

Some years ago, I lived in Virginia while my ex-wife, the children’s mother, lived in Minnesota. I had to bear all the driving duties and all the costs to maintain my parenting time under joint custody. My parenting time was split into four periods every year.

My children and I

I drove 1,250 miles to pick up the children, another 1,250 miles back home for my time with them, another 1,250 miles to drop them off, and then 1,250 miles back home again. And that’s for one trip. Depending on school or other schedules, sometimes the driving time was longer than the time at home with them. I was making that trip between here and Minnesota sixteen times a year. I did that for six years. It was worth every bit of effort. I love my children more than my own soul.

Your honor, I am not a pedophile. I am the farthest thing imaginable from a sexual pervert of any kind. I am in fact the precise opposite of the way I have been characterized in this case. And I have never sought out, purchased, enjoyed, or wanted child pornography of any kind.

Those who would in reality or fantasy violate the innocence of a child disgust me. They are monsters, aberrations, contra naturam, from whom the innocent need to be protected.

I am not a hateful person, your honor, but I do revile the foul deeds of pedophiles and child pornographers. In my public and private life I have exposed and condemned them, and opposed the “normalization” of pedophilia now being pushed in some psychological circles.

Sex and Love

I regard human sexuality not as a casual pleasure, nor as something dirty, but rather as something sacred, something holy. It is the means by which new souls are brought into the universe. This love of our hearts and our bodies connects us to — actually physically connects us to — the mysterious beginnings of all life, and to our as yet unknown destiny. It is not to be spoken of lightly.

To me, sex, love, and family form a kind of natural trinity which ought never to be sundered. I have long instinctively felt this way.

I believe in love. In my sexual life, I have been what one of my friends calls “an absolute straight arrow.” In high school, some called me a “Puritan” because I refused to participate in the alcohol, recreational drugs, and recreational sex which were and are so common. And I’ve remained true to my principles.

When the fates have blessed me with a sweetheart, I have always been faithful to her, always and absolutely. I have loved imperfectly and made innumerable mistakes, but I have loved with all my heart. And the number of sweethearts I have had in 51 years of life can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Art and Beauty

Your honor, before it was all taken from me, my home was filled with fine art: reproductions of the paintings of Maxfield Parrish, John William Waterhouse, William Bouguereau; the sculptures of Rodin, Houdon, St. Gaudens, Hiram Powers; and many others. I’m also a photographer and a graphic artist myself in my role as editor. And I operate a highly regarded online art gallery.

Cupid and Psyche - an example of the art collected and displayed by Kevin Alfred Strom

Cupid and Psyche - an example of the art collected and displayed by Kevin Alfred Strom

I believe one of the greatest purposes of high art is to depict the human form as an ideal of beauty and nobility. I believe that one of the greatest tragedies of modern art is that it has abandoned the Classical reverence for our natural form which, our ancestors believed and so do I, partakes of the Divine.

I believe that whenever the human body is portrayed, that portrayal should embody respect, nobility, beauty, and dignity — never crudity, lasciviousness, or degradation; even, or perhaps especially, when the erotic is part of that portrayal.

I do not like pornography. When in my life I have sought out the erotic, I have never sought the gross, the crude, the pornographic.

I’d like to live in a society in which no one wanted pornography of any kind. And I firmly believe that a revival of the Classical nude in art, in the exquisite tradition that culminated near the end of the 19th century, would go a very long way toward making all kinds of pornography disappear.

How then did I come here before you?

The Erotic and the Pornographic

Now, I have enjoyed erotic — but not pornographic — photography depicting beautiful young women. And my imprecisely-chosen words and speculations[2] about those pictures have been used against me. But the erotic photographs I actually sought out, on sites like, have nothing to do with these charges — except to the extent that my honest discussion of enjoying pictures of “beautiful young girls” (all of them on sites where the models are certified to be over eighteen) and words to that effect have been edited and twisted beyond recognition in order to incriminate me.

[2] (Speculations encouraged by cynical JTTF interrogators and a vengeful ex-spouse who surreptitiously recorded a marriage counseling session, both of whom later edited the recordings to remove the relevant context.)

In the presentencing report you will note that the number of images involved in this “crime” is fewer than ten. I was not even allowed to see these images, and then only briefly, until I was escorted to the FBI evidence room on August 22, 2007, in the eighth month of my imprisonment. At that time I and my lead attorney were able to view the files along with their associated metadata, showing size, date of last modification, and source, among other things.[3] Some of them are on my hard drive as a result of my actions and some are not. They break down as follows:

[3] (Except for one file downloaded and saved by my wife, which was an artistic photograph of a young woman wearing an angel costume which by no stretch of the imagination could be called pornographic, I had never seen any of these images before that date. They had all been deleted by me unseen when a picture forum was spammed, or were just unwanted and never-saved garbage from popup ads or spam, and were “recovered” by FBI/JTTF technicians.)

Only one of the charged files is even saved to the hard drive. All the others were deleted or never saved and no one (except a forensic investigator) could ever view them.

That one saved file was not saved by me. It was saved on a portion of the hard drive reserved for backups made automatically of my wife Elisha’s computer, and the file’s metadata confirm that it was in fact downloaded originally by her.


More than half of the remaining charged files have “last modified” dates after July 14, 2006 — the day I left my home to save my life and my children’s lives from Elisha’s violence. I never had access to that computer again after that date. I do not know exactly what was done to download or alter those files after that July 14, but one thing is sure: whoever did so was not I.[4]

By studying the metadata, I was able to determine that I was responsible for the presence of the tiny number of remaining files. Their source data shows that they came from an online forum I remember visiting several years ago. It’s a photography forum devoted to beautiful portraits, having nothing to do with sex or even nudity. Many wonderful, creative photos have been posted there. In fact, the rules of the forum prohibit the posting of any kind of pornography there. But, practically speaking, anyone can post anything there — and it will stay there until a moderator gets around to removing it.

[4] (It’s worth noting that only two or three of the charged files are in fact child pornography, and many are not even pornography at all. One was obviously a banner ad for an adult porn site, disgusting but not illegal, which prosecutors doubtlessly included because of the revolting and lurid text (“Teen Rape!”) plastered across the ad, which they falsely characterized as the “file name” in the indictment. The real file name was numeric and would not have made the desired impression on the public or the members of the grand jury.)

The last time I visited the forum it was flooded with spam promoting commercial pornography sites, with “sample” images some of which showed models that were children. Though the spammers used various tricks to evade the letter of the law (by blurring out genitals, for example), these pictures nevertheless were by turns sleazy, disgusting, and tragic. After seeing the first few images of the many in the group, I deleted them all, mostly sight unseen. Every image, of course, even the ones I never saw, left its trace on the hard drive. I never returned to the forum again. These files I “possessed” I possessed unwillingly.

Faith in God - an example of the art collected and displayed by Kevin Alfred Strom

Wanted and Unwanted; Beauty and Ugliness

To get a realistic picture of this affair, you must also comprehend the scale involved. I am a heavy user of computer images, both professionally and personally. There are more than 40,000 image files on my computer related to my journalism work alone. There are tens of thousands of family and Nature photographs — it’s nothing for me to take 100 in a single day — and thousands of fine art scans and images, book illustrations, and much more. I would estimate that the number of image files on that computer at more than 100,000; so many that I had to add several additional hard drives to the system.

Clearly, your honor, I know how to seek out, collect, and save huge numbers of the images I’m really interested in.

Our lawmakers included something called the Affirmative Defense in the child pornography statutes. It states that if the files in question are deleted, and there are three or fewer, there can be no prosecution.[5] It’s designed to protect inadvertent possessors from prosecution, prison time, and the false characterization of being labeled a “sex offender” for life. But prosecutors, even in the flimsiest cases, can just inflate the number of charged files to over three even if the files don’t meet the criteria, and thereby evade the intent of the Affirmative Defense. And in these days of high speed Internet connections and Web sites that commonly have 50 or hundreds of images on their opening pages, each of which leaves its traces on your hard drive instantly, before it is even seen — and even if it isn’t seen — I venture to suggest that the Affirmative Defense no longer applies to anyone, even the most inadvertent. Its intent was, clearly, to apply in cases precisely like this one.

[5] (There are many cases on the record in which prosecutors refused to prosecute even when thousands of the most horrifying and abusive pornographic images of children were found on someone’s computer — refused for the simple and quite valid reason that the person in question did not have exclusive access to said computer. I never had exclusive access to the computer in question in my case, and had no access whatever to it after July 14, 2006. I leave it to the reader to decide why I was treated differently.)

The Essential Element in the Case

In my work as a writer and publisher, I have taken on controversial issues — foreign adventurism by the Bush administration, abuse of the fundamental rights of European-Americans, and many more — and made powerful enemies in high places. I have been a strong critic of the loss of our liberties and the rise of the security/surveillance state since 9/11.

In particular, I have published and written dozens of exposés of the illegitimate and politically-motivated acts of the so-called “Joint Terrorism Task Force,” or JTTF, now operating within the U.S. Justice Department.

In early 2004, in my role as journalist, I was covering a court hearing in Atlanta in which the JTTF was involved in persecuting an innocent patriot named Chester Doles. After the hearing I was approached by JTTF Special Agent Joe Thompson, who, interestingly, knew me though I did not know him. Thompson threatened me, saying loudly enough for the entire room to hear (and pointing directly at me): “Strom, you’re next!”[6]

The JTTF even intervened in an attempt — successful, so far — to prevent me from getting redress in the Greene County courts for the theft of virtually all of my possessions by my wife Elisha and for her violent attacks upon me.

[6] (The article I wrote at the time is widely available on the Internet (such as at and includes a description of the threat by Thompson. It was published more than two years before my current case began.)

When this case began, who was it who raided my home with a SWAT-like team of armored thugs and terrorized my family? Was it the FBI’s Crimes Against Children unit? — or another agency devoted to protecting children? No indeed. It was the Joint Terrorism Task Force.[7]

[7]( It is worthwhile to consider that, according to FBI spokesmen quoted recently in USA Today and the Washington Post (see and, there are more than 624,000 active traders and producers of child pornography in the United States who have been conclusively identified by their Internet addresses and IDs — more than 17,000 are in Virginia alone. And these figures are based on a study of only one of the many file-sharing networks in use today. If cases reaching the press are any indication, these are largely people with thousands or tens of thousands of the most horrifying images imaginable, many of which graphically depict violent abuse of little children, even toddlers and infants. One investigator stated he had to go to counseling after seeing some of these pictures. Law enforcement spokesmen state that they only have the resources to go after a minuscule percentage of such criminals, so they have to concentrate their efforts and only prosecute the very worst offenders. Arnold Bell, head of the FBI’s Innocent Images Unit, said to USA Today: “There aren’t enough cops in the world to pursue every lead, so the FBI focuses on cases in which kids may be located and rescued.” It does appear that a very different set of standards was applied by the JTTF in this case.)

Who was it at the prosecution table, trying to falsely convict me of child sexual abuse and witness tampering when I was totally innocent — when in fact the charges were so ludicrous they were thrown out of court? And who is sitting at the prosecution table today? None other than an agent of the Joint Terrorism Task Force.


A small corner of my home in 1999, before I met Elisha, showing a tiny sample of the possessions taken

Attempted Destruction of a Life

When I left my home to protect myself from my wife’s anger and violence, I took with me only what I could carry under my arms. Elisha refused to allow me to retrieve any of my possessions. She sold them openly, then incinerated what she didn’t keep in a bonfire that burned for two days. I lost everything I owned; a lifetime of books, art, heirlooms, clothes, radio equipment, letters, personal records, mementos, and even my children’s possessions.

In November 2006 I went to the courts in Greene County to obtain redress for that unprecedented theft and for the violence committed against me. But I was prevented from pursuing my cases and in fact found myself charged with serious crimes[8] for doing so. Who was it who showed up at the Greene County courthouse, literally arm-in-arm with Elisha, illegitimately crossing the bar and whispering secretly to the judge and Commonwealth’s Attorney? An agent of the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

[8] (For the “crimes” of filing a lawsuit demanding return of my property, and for talking with a local magistrate about Elisha’s violent attacks on me, I found myself facing federal charges of “witness tampering” and “obstruction of justice” which alone could have netted me 20 years in prison.)

A small part of the radio/studio equipment stolen from me

My troubled and estranged wife Elisha has committed many acts of violence against me. I was an abused spouse. She has threatened to kill me, and I have documentation[9] of those threats. She has used threats and coercion to force me to give her money and property and to sign documents under duress. She is both dangerous and delusional.

[9] (For one example, see documentation of her clearly audible physical aggression, anger, and threats toward me captured when she attacked me during a recording session for my radio program in 2006, downloadable at The source of her rage in this case was my suggestion that she seek additional help for her anger problem.)

She has accused me of having sexual liaisons with my ex-wife, with professional colleagues, with correspondents from halfway across the continent whom I’ve never met, with two teenage musicians whose work I’ve promoted, with my stepdaughter, with my stepdaughter’s friends, with cashiers at the local grocery store, with neighbors — I literally cannot remember them all. My denials engendered more accusations, more anger, more violence. At Elisha’s hands I’ve suffered innumerable bruises, cuts, including a laceration that sent me to the hospital to get eight stitches, and permanent damage to my vision. My ill-advised attempts to placate and appease her[10] made things even worse.

Report certifying that I am not a pedophile

The Motivation

Let me state for your honor and the record that I have never touched Elisha or any other person in anger in my entire adult life; and let me further state that my behavior and intentions toward all of these girls and women was absolutely proper at all times.

[10] (Including agreeing in writing to see a counselor, an act which has been wildly misinterpreted by the press and others: Though still trying to placate Elisha and prevent her from carrying out her violent and other threats, I changed the wording of the document she demanded I sign to make it clear that I was not admitting to pedophilia or anything of the sort. The counselor was one I was already seeing in order to deal with the horrific situation I found myself in — and I, not being a pedophile, knew that the counselor would if he was honest declare me free of that perversion, as he in fact has done. I am probably the only man within a hundred of miles of Charlottesville who has been officially declared not to be a pedophile. A copy of the counselor’s letter is also available at

When I finally stopped acceding to Elisha’s demands for submission, money, and property, she followed through on her threats to make her false allegations public in order to, as she put it, “ruin” me. She told me again and again that, unless I gave her large sums of money, paid for thousands of dollars worth of cosmetic and augmentation surgery for her, and gave her my property including a quitclaim deed to the house — that unless I did what she demanded I would never work in my chosen field again, and that I would be permanently separated from my beloved children, saying of them explicitly “When I get through with you, you’ll never see those f—-ing brats again.”

The Children Spoke the Truth

My stepdaughter and a friend of hers were interviewed by child welfare authorities as a result of Elisha’s false claims, and despite whatever pressures there may have been, they told the truth. I was cleared. Though totally cleared by the local authorities, I still found myself falsely charged and accused by prosecutors and the JTTF with “sexual enticement of a minor,” charges which could have put me in prison for the rest of my natural life, and yet charges so absurd[11] that I made history in this very courtroom when, for the first time in this district, federal charges were thrown out as nonsense on their very face without the defense having to utter a word. The preposterous “witness tampering” charges were also thrown out at the same time.

[11] (The “enticement” included such “criminal” acts as 1) attending the same county fair as a young family friend (though making no contact and totally unaware of the other’s presence), 2) “being seen” driving on a road a half mile from the friend’s home, 3) sending a totally non-sexual and non-romantic birthday card to the family friend, 4) sending a DVD of a G-rated film to the friend’s entire family as a Christmas present (after receiving presents from them earlier), and 5) holding an umbrella for her in a driving rainstorm.)

Violence and Threats

Even after my arrest, Elisha’s violence and threats continued. I continue to fear for my family and myself. Elisha has been leafleting the neighborhoods where my stepfather and family live and work, making lurid and false, yet alarming statements about me — including accusing me of the crimes of which I have been acquitted — which could seriously impact the lives of my family members.

Last May 9th Elisha lashed out with gunfire in a road rage incident, discharging a firearm in a residential neighborhood — a crime. Yet the JTTF came to the rescue, falsely characterizing Elisha as the “victim” in the “witness tampering” case against me, and seizing jurisdiction from the local authorities[12] so the government’s star perjurer would not be prosecuted — as she most certainly would have been otherwise.

Just a few weeks ago, Elisha openly and publicly called for my death in an interview she gave to the press right outside the doors of this courtroom.

[12] (Copies of the police reports on this incident are also available at

A Most Telling Fact

And let me clarify one thing, your honor; a very important thing. Elisha, no matter what her jealousies and hatreds may be, knows I am not a pedophile. Just two weeks after the day she claims she confronted me on that issue, October 17, 2005 — the date which figured in my trial and the date her violence sent me to the hospital — Elisha allowed me to take her nine-year-old daughter, by myself and with no other adult present, to pick up my autistic son and take them on a three-day trip to the beach for my son’s eleventh birthday.

And she also allowed me to take her daughter, my stepdaughter, to school and shopping on dozens of unaccompanied trips between that October 17 and the day I fled our home nine months later.

A picture I made for my daughter while in solitary confinement

A picture I made for my daughter while in solitary confinement

Your honor, I know that judges have great powers to order dispositions of their cases, and that power has increased of late. Powers may exist which have seldom or never been exercised, and even where there is no power to order, the ability to recommend still exists.

I genuinely fear that Elisha, or those she may incite, may harm me or my family. Please take steps so that such persons may not obtain my street address from any publicly available database. I am not a sex offender in any meaningful sense of that term, nor a felon.

Please order or recommend that upon my release there be no restrictions placed upon me regarding travel with my children or attendance at their classes or school or other events.[13]

[13] (The judge did so order.)

My son and I on a hike in the mountains

Please make my family whole again as soon as possible. In considering my fate, please also consider the fate of the real victims in this case:

My 77-year-old mother and my stepfather who are taking care of my children in my absence; they have been a hero and heroine beyond my capacity to thank them.

My son Oliver, strong and stoic at 15, but also shy and sensitive, who chokes up from the pain sometimes.

My daughter Vita, who is eleven and at the stage of life when she needs her Daddy most. She is so bright, so open-hearted, so innocent, so vulnerable. She does science projects and learns elementary Latin — but still sleeps with a teddy bear. She cries for her Daddy, and I keep telling her I’ll be home as soon as I can.

My autistic son Alfred, who doesn’t understand — isn’t capable of understanding — what has happened to his Dad. He only knows that he hasn’t seen me for a very, very long time. Let me quote from his latest school reports: “His irritability and impatience typically lead to tantrums accompanied by property destruction, self-abuse, and aggression. He seems remorseful once he has calmed down, often crying for his father and repeatedly saying ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘I’m sad.’ There has been an increase in elopement. He often runs to the van[14] and on occasion has put the van in gear. He frequently requests to look at pictures of his father and hear ‘Daddy’s letters.’ …Alfred perseverates about his father daily[15]. He calls out for ‘Daddy’ and asks to call Daddy on the phone. He often reassures himself ‘You’ll see your Daddy again.’ At times he will tantrum and engage in self-abuse.”

[14] (I have a van also, which Alfred loves to ride in.)

[15] (476 days so far.)

Your honor, I know I have spoken longer than is usual in such cases — but this case is anything but usual. I believe that I have now fulfilled my oath to tell the whole truth. I deeply appreciate your listening. Thank you.

*   *   *

The judge expressed himself after my statement, indicating that based on the reports he had read, including the interviews with my stepdaughter and her friend, that he would have preferred me to have pled Not Guilty to all charges. As a loving father, I could not do that: The prosecutor “piled on” charges — six counts for one alleged violation of law. I would have had to be acquitted six times in a row to go home to my children — and the government could lose four or five times in a row and still succeed in imprisoning me for decades if one or two counts “stuck” as they could easily do in a politically- and emotionally-charged case like this one, whatever the facts. The ability to “pile on” charges for one alleged offense is, in my opinion, a crime itself. It gives the government the near-absolute power to intimidate innocent people — especially innocent people with children they love — into pleading guilty to one or two counts. I chose to return to my children this summer instead of decades after they were grown, if ever. That’s the choice I had to make, and I made it.

The judge could have sentenced me to ten years in prison and a $250,000 fine. I was released about four months after my hearing, close to the minimum sentence within his discretion. No fine was imposed.

The time for truth-telling has come, and the world will be hearing from me again.

*   *   *

Further information on this case can be found in the ‘About’ section of the Kevin Alfred Strom Case Web site.

In recent months, additional evidence of the character of the prosecution’s only witness (Elisha Strom) and her relationship with the lead investigator in the case has come to light. The latest information on her continuing record of immoral and psychotic behavior can be found in the article Perjurer Arrested Yet Again and its links.


The Racial Double Standard
by Kevin Alfred Strom
Transcript of American Dissident Voices Radio Program
Broadcast on April 24. 1993

I'm Kevin Alfred Strom and this is American Dissident Voices.

Did you know that the Los Angeles Police Department has orders not to arrest or disturb in any way certain lawbreakers who just happen to belong to an influential minority group?

Did you know that openly racial organizations receive large sums of U.S. taxpayer's money on a regular basis? But that other racial organizations, which just happen to represent traditional Americans, are treated essentially as outlaws?

There is a racial double standard in America and throughout the Western world. It's a double standard that says that Black, Chicano and Jewish racial feelings are good and healthy; whereas any manifestation of White racial awareness is somehow evil. It's a double standard that says that this program and the organization behind it ought to be outlawed and ought to be shunned by all right-thinking servants of Big Brother; whereas similar organizations and radio programs which speak up for the interests of Mexicans, Jews, or Africans, are not only laudable but deserve to and do actually receive taxpayer funding. It's a double standard that says non-Whites with poorer standardized test scores deserve preference in hiring or college admission, while millions of the sons and daughters of the race that founded and built this country are left out in the cold and will ultimately be asked to pay the bills for this treason. And it's a double standard that looks the other way at the rampant lawbreaking of minority criminals, while making the slightest infraction by a so-called "prejudiced" White person into a Federal case with accompanying national headlines.

We're going to pierce the curtain of media censorship and expose this double standard for what it really is, next, on American Dissident Voices.

I have before me an exact reproduction of a motion adopted by the Los Angles City Council, as introduced by 14th District Councilman Richard Alatorre, and seconded by Councilman Farrell. Many of you won't believe this, but I'll be happy to send a photocopy of this public document to anyone who sends us a contribution this week to keep us on the air. This motion consists of a series of official changes in policy, limiting the powers of the Los Angeles Police Department with regard to one specific category of lawbreaker - specifically, illegal aliens, who, as we all know, are with very few exceptions in the LA area, Chicanos from Mexico or other parts of Central America. In this motion, they generally use the euphemism "undocumented" when describing these flagrant violators of our laws and invaders and occupiers of our country.

Let me read you just a bit of this incredible document:

In section one, it states "it is the policy of the Los Angeles Police Department that undocumented alien status in itself is not a matter for police action." In other words, if you or I violate a law, no matter how small or insignificant the infraction, we can expect to be arrested, prosecuted, and punished. But if a Chicano breaks what ought to be one of the most important laws of all, the laws protecting our borders from invasion, his crime is not even to be noticed or reported, according to the official policy of the Los Angeles City Council.

In section two, it states, beginning in large capital letters: "NO ARRESTS BASED SOLELY ON IMMIGRATION STATUS. No officer of the Los Angeles Police Department shall initiate an enforcement activity or police action against an individual solely on the basis of an individual['s] immigration status." It seems a certain class of criminals is now immune to arrests and can break the law with virtual impunity. The hands of the police are tied. I ask, whatever happened to equal protection under the law? It seems that some groups, to paraphrase George Orwell, are now "more equal" than others.

In section three, this LA City Council resolution states: " officer of the Los Angeles Police Department shall cooperate with the Immigration and Naturalization service to inquire into the immigration status of an individual, except and unless required by city, county, state or federal law to inquire into the immigration status of an individual seeking LAPD employment." So the police are now forbidden to cooperate with the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and the only circumstances under which an LAPD officer can do so is when they're hiring new employees and unfortunately some outdated laws still on the books force them to hire individuals who are at least nominally Americans.

But it goes even further than that. In section four, it states: " officer of the Los Angeles Police Department shall assist or cooperate with any Immigration and Naturalization Service investigation, detention, or arrest procedure ... except or unless... the Department has probable cause to believe that the subject of the investigation has committed or is committing a felony."

Section five: "...under no circumstances shall officers of the Department detain witnesses or victims or assist the INS in such detention..." Section six: "...neither any officer of the Los Angeles Police Department or Department administration shall release or threaten to release information [to anyone] regarding an individual's immigration status..." unless a long and strict laundry list of conditions are met.

Section seven states: " officer of the Los Angeles Police Department shall release or threaten to release any information regarding the immigration status of a child under the age of 18 under any circumstances except and unless that child has been previously adjudicated for a delinquent act." In other words, if you are an LA police officer, and you newly arrest a Chicano delinquent, and you find out he is in the United States illegally, not only may you not enforce the immigration laws of our country, but you are forbidden from passing on the information about his lawbreaking to any other agency that still might have the authority to enforce those laws.

It seems unbelievable - yet there it is in black and white. The Los Angeles City Council, effectively taken over by non-Americans and by traitors, openly declaring that its police department is forbidden to enforce the laws securing our borders against invasion, and putting every stumbling block possible in the way of the other agencies charged with protecting our borders.

How much clearer do I have to make it, my fellow Americans? There's been a revolution in this country, and you lost.

Do you expect any police force, politically controlled by groups hostile to White survival, to be of any substantial protective value in the riots and bloodbaths that are sure to be in our future in the racial cauldrons that our major metropolitan areas have become? How much use was the LA police force when Black violence came to that city following the Rodney King verdict? And, Mr. and Mrs. Ordinary American, if you are forced to defend yourself in such a situation in the future, possibly wounding or killing a marauding rioter in the process in order to protect your family's life and property - just who do you think will charged with a crime? The marauding rioters - or you? And what kind of a jury do you think you're going to get to judge your case when you are charged with a "racist hate crime?" And if the jury does by some miracle vote in your favor, do you think that the political establishment is going to let it go at that? What happened to the LA officers in the Rodney King trial when the jury acquitted them the first time? Something to think about, my friends. Something that you ought to sit down and think about for a long, long, time. While you were watching "Happy Days" or "Star Trek," your country has been stolen from you. It has been truly said that the price of Liberty is eternal vigilance. And you, Mr. and Mrs. American, have been asleep on the watch.

I've got some more documents for you today that you've probably never heard of.

How many of you have heard of a Chicano organization called "La Raza?" That group, whose name literally means "The Race," is much more than you have been led to believe. They distribute a publication entitled "El Plan de Aztlan." "El Plan de Aztlan" is much more than a plan - more than a manifesto - it's really a declaration of war against us. They even have it available in English so that we Americans can read it too - so we certainly can't call their war against us a "conspiracy" or claim that they've been hiding their intentions.

Let's take a close look at this "Plan de Aztlan."

"In the spirit of a new people that is conscious not only of its proud history but also of the brutal Gringo invasion of our territories, WE, the Chicano inhabitants and civilizers of the northern land of Aztlan from whence came our forefathers, reclaiming the land of their birth and consecrating the determination of our people of the sun, DECLARE that the call of our blood is our power, our responsibility, and our inevitable destiny."

I'm beginning to get the impression that when these Mexicans say "Aztlan," what they're referring to is really what is now called the United States of America and Canada. Let's see if that impression is justified.

I continue with the Chicano document, "El Plan de Aztlan:"

"Aztlan belongs to those who plant the seeds, water the fields, and gather the crops and not to the foreign Europeans. We do not recognize capricious frontiers on the bronze continent."

Again, it's quite clear that by "the bronze continent," he means all of North America. I continue with the quotation:

"Brotherhood unites us, and love for our brothers makes us a people whose time has come and who struggles against the foreigner Gabacho who exploits our riches and destroys our culture. With our heart in our hands and our hands in the soil, we declare the independence of our mestizo nation. We are a bronze people with a bronze culture. Before the world, before all of North America, before all our brothers in the bronze continent, we are a nation, we are a union of free pueblos, we are Aztlan. [last two phrases translated] FOR THE RACE, EVERYTHING. OUTSIDE THE RACE, NOTHING."

Now first let me say that I have nothing at all against Mexican Nationalism, as long as they confine both themselves and their ambitions to South of the Rio Grande.

But I must also say that "El plan de Aztlan" sounds to me like a racial declaration of war against White Americans. It certainly is not a manifesto of integration and interracial "brotherhood," is it? Yet where are the television and newspaper reporters, where are the editorial writers and commentators, where are Geraldo Rivera and Donahue when it comes to threat of "Chicano Hate Groups" or "Mexican racism?" Here is a well-organized group, calling itself "The Race" no less, which receives recognition and even funding from major institutions like city governments and colleges and universities, and which therefore receives support and funding from you and me; a group which preaches the end of America as we have known her, and the foreign takeover of our entire continent - none of which they even try to hide behind code words or clever euphemisms - and the controlled media are virtually silent.

Yet let even the slightest peep be emitted in favor of the values or even the very survival of ordinary White Americans, the people who founded and built this country, and the vicious media attacks come screaming and spitting "racist - hatred - bigot - anti-semitic" from every direction. What an obvious double standard. What an obvious anti-American agenda. We Americans need to learn that the controlled media in this country represent the greatest threat to our continued survival as a people.

The controlled media not only lie to us by twisting the facts and selective reporting; they also engage in brainwashing on a mass scale by embedding their multiracial, multicultural, One World agenda into the plots and characters of their television dramas and comedies.

Don't believe it? Listen to this, from the horse's mouth, so to speak, of the controlled media: Reprinted in Michael Hoffman's Researcher newsletter, this quote is from Newsweek of March 29, 1993 -

"The White male ... in the world of images and ideas ... he's taking a clobbering. On TV, the White male is a boob or a villain, not just in such shows as Roseanne but in the ads too.... Everywhere in the culture, from low to high, is the image of the White male as Ice Person: can't jump, can't dance, can't feel.... Up to a point, trashing White males was good clean fun, in the all-American tradition of deflating the pompous and the powerful: the insufferable Jim Anderson of Father Knows Best richly deserved getting Simpsonized.... Turnabout is fair play."

Well, I wonder just who it is that is "turning the tables" on us? Newsweek's writer didn't say. It is clear though, that the controlled media have an agenda, a plan for the future of this continent, that definitely doesn't include any place for White Americans except perhaps as tax-paying serfs. So keep your mouth shut and work hard!

Unless, of course, you actually do care about the future of our nation and our people, if don't want your children to grow up as slaves or victims in a Third World miasma that would be America in name only - in that case, my friend, welcome to the growing ranks of the politically incorrect, the thought criminals who actually dare to cry out against the engineers of America's destruction. I suggest you unplug your television for at least a year, get a copy of our book catalog, start reading, and start thinking.

I think I've made it abundantly clear that there is a glaringly obvious double standard with regard to race in this country. Certain favored groups can insult and assault us, and nothing is said or done. Certain favored groups can issue manifestos calling for the invasion and takeover of this country, yet the establishment turns a blind eye. Certain favored groups can break the law with impunity.

Yet let a patriotic White American speak his mind, which happens very infrequently these days, and judging by the media reaction, you'd think a felony had been committed.

That's really more than a double standard. It's psychological intimidation.

But more and more Americans are refusing to be intimidated any more. More and more are speaking out, unafraid of being called "politically incorrect." More and more of us are starting to realize that the America we loved is disappearing before our eyes, and we know that something must be done about it.

But patriotic Americans desperately need education and direction. We certainly aren't going to get it from the major media or the Republicans or the Democrats. And I am afraid that we won't get it from the "safe" conservatives or the media evangelists either. All of those groups are so tied into and dependent on the current political and economic system that they would never do or say anything that seriously threatened that system. But it is the current system that embodies the racial double standard I've been talking about today. It is the current political and economic system that is choking the life out of what used to be called America. The current system is not the system established by our founding fathers. It has been slowly but purposefully changed until today it is the greatest enemy of our people's future and freedom. It is this system which forbids the discussion of the honest racial separatism that is the only chance for the survival of our - or anyone else's - nation and culture.




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