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American USSR: Jewish Lobbies Attach Zionist Strings To High Level U.S. Political Traitors - Demanding a Zionist Anti-Iranian War - American USSR Report



The staff of American USSR has obtained a Russian Times newscast from New York City which presents detailed interviews with Zionists working against America's best interests. The interviewed Zionists are seem lobbying the highest level and most traitorous politicians in America--i.e., Congressmen, Senators, State Department, Defense Department, CIA, and The President who is pictured stating how he is now in favor of Israeli hegemony in the Middle Eastern quagmire.

The result of America's actions in Iraq and in promoting the Arab Spring Movement with its subversive CIA money to promote anti-government riots is declining interest in Middle Eastern nations for having anything to do with the United States for fear that what happened to Saddam Hussein and The Iraqi Democracy will also happen to their nations and leaders. As a result, the United States is seen as a pawn of Zionism by the mostly Muslim leadership of the Middle Eastern Oil glut states, as Israel's special racist interest in regional hegemony replaces America's own foreign policy needs.

You can analyze the interviews with pro-Israeli lobbyists in this video (above) from Russia Times. In this important video documentary, you can easily observe exactly how Zionists on both sides--lobbies and Jewish Senators--work for the Middle Eastern hegemony of Rothschild's discredited and racist Israel which is a self-proclaimed racist "Jewish nation."

In addition, although Israel calls itself a "Jewish State," Muslims and Christians have lived there side-by-side in peace for thousands of years before the European Judeo-communist influx reached its shores. Meanwhile, and for many years, we might point out that the same Zionists with dual citizenship have ironically lobbied against America being called a "Christian State" on questionable Constitutional grounds calling such a declaration "racist." The hypocrisy of their hypocritical and racist position in this area is deafening.

The staff of American USSR cannot begin to recount the trillions of dollars and thousands of wasted American lives lost for the sole benefit of the fascist Israeli terror state's foreign policy initiatives. Please contact your government and ask your Congressmen, Senators, and the President to not enter into a war with Iran for Israel.

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